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Pioneer in its own field, Khibrad Recruitment Agency (KhRA) seeks to understand what a client is looking for and tailor our services to suit their needs. This is done through a thorough innovative recruitment process and a comprehensive understanding of job specifications. Khibrad Recruitment Agency, therefore has:

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  • Validity: 70 Days
  • Candidates Search: 30
  • 5 Spotlight Jobs
  • 5 Featured Jobs
  • 5 Urgent Jobs
  • 5 Recent Jobs
  • 20 Stared Jobs


Gold Package

  • Validity: 60 Days
  • Candidates Search: 25
  • 50 Spotlight Jobs
  • 50 Featured Jobs
  • 70 Urgent Jobs
  • 40 Recent Jobs
  • 75 Stared Jobs



  • Validity: 40 Days
  • Candidates Search: 20
  • 10 Spotlight Jobs
  • 15 Featured Jobs
  • 20 Urgent Jobs
  • 15 Recent Jobs
  • 60 Stared Jobs

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