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Khibrad Recruitment Agency

Khibrad Recruitment Agency is Somalia’s most user-centric and transparent recruitment agency, intending to support solving unemployment problems in Somalia. According to research, the overall unemployment rate among young people is 67% which is one of the highest rates in the world. With the stereotyping brought about by cultural norms, females experience even higher unemployment than males, 74% and 61% respectively.

The majority of unpaid family workers are young women who carry out household work due to entrenched traditional gender roles. A high labour force participation rate for youth, estimated at 66%, further reflects lost opportunities for many who might otherwise attend school and acquire skills that could raise their future productivity and employment opportunities. As per research two of the main reasons for unemployment in Somalia is because people assume “no work is available” on the other hand employers are struggling to find skilled and knowledgeable employees.  


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 Khibrad Recruitment Agency:

Khibrad Recruitment Agency (KhRA) is bringing employment opportunities to the doors of every person including youths and females seeking employment in Somalia. We believe that every organisation/company has different needs and our intention is to add value to your business. We source a quality labour force by conducting thorough background checks (secure and supportive), thereby ensuring our clients get fully qualified candidates.

The name ‘KHIBRAD’ is a Somali word that means when translated into the English language ‘experience and expertise. Therefore, Khibrad Recruitment Agency is committed to bringing experienced and expert skilled labour force into your company or organization. Job seekers benefit from our free job advice services including employability skills training and connecting them to their jobs of specialization and choice. We provide complete recruitment solutions, sourcing and supplying quality staff and related human resource consultancy services and also create a platform where employers can hire employees everywhere in the world, and where the employees can find their dream jobs. We are always on the watch to attract the best candidates, with great candidate experience.

Through creating job adverts that stand out, promoting jobs on our job board, and filtering through the applications we link the best potential candidates with the employer organization. At Khibrad Recruitment Agency we work with both employers and job seekers by providing support to the candidates as well as the clients. Our agency handles the whole recruiting process which saves the employer a lot of hassle from shortlisting.

 Our Principles and Beliefs!

Our Vision 

To have Somali job recruitment system that is based on personal merit, skills, experience and expertise rather than clan affiliations and nepotism

Our Aim 

To align the BEST jobseekers with the available job opportunities by matching their knowledge, talents, skills, experience and competence with specific job requirements

Our Mission 

To fill the employment inequality gap in all Somali regions by providing skilled and qualified employees and facilitating equal opportunities to all candidates basing on their qualifications, skills, experience and competence

Our Slogan 

Experience and Expertise with the attitude and mind-set for EXCELLENCE at workplace

Core Value 

We work hard to make a positive impact on the careers, lives and, businesses we touch. That’s because we care enough to listen closely to the needs of our clients and we go the distance to deliver on our promises. Below are our core values here at Khibrad Recruitment Agency:

1. Integrity: 

Honesty and transparency in all interactions with clients, candidates and colleagues.

2. Respect: 

Treating everyone with dignity, understanding, and fairness.

3. Professionalism: 

Adherence to the highest standards of quality, ethics and customer service.

4. Innovation: 

Using cutting-edge technology and creative thinking to continuously improve the recruitment process.

5.  Partnership: 

Building long-term relationships with clients and candidates based on mutual trust and understanding.

6. Diversity and Inclusion: 

Celebrating differences and promoting an inclusive work environment that values all perspectives.

7. Continuous Improvement: 

Striving to enhance the recruitment process and achieve better outcomes for clients and candidates.

8. Teamwork: 

Encouraging collaboration and sharing of knowledge, skills, and experience among team members.