Terms and Condition

We welcome you to this website and we recommend that you read our Privacy Notice. Here we describe the way in which Khibrad Recruitment Agency collects and uses information about its clients, collaborators, workers, users and subscribers.

  1. Data of The Responsible

In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, it is reported that the personal data and all information collected by Khibrad Recruitment Agency, with address at Mogadishu, Somalia, which is responsible for collecting your personal data, the use that is given to them, and their protection.

  1. Purpose

The processing of personal data and information provided by you, serve to establish a relationship of professional services and to fulfil the purposes of Khibrad Recruitment Agency, which will attend to provide, with the strictest quality, legal advice services, provision of services professionals, workshops, graduates and others that you believe pertinent according to the Institutional guidelines.

The Personal Data obtained by Khibrad Recruitment Agency will be used to carry out activities related to our Corporate Purpose, including the following:

  1. The provision of professional services in the field of administrative and accounting advice, planning, organization, coordination and staff development.
  2. The application of psychometric, socioeconomic studies, recruitment, selection and training of personnel, in order to provide human resources to those legal or natural persons who require them temporarily or permanently.
  • The provision of collection services, treasury, portfolio and inventory management, business administration and operations.
  1. Hire workers, technical, administrative, and professional staff, and provide, through said staff, services to companies, individuals or legal entities.
  2. Provide services for the development, deployment and support of comprehensive computer applications, provide hosting and hosting services for
    applications and development of websites and web pages; manage and administer computer applications in data centres.
  3. Design, operation, development, production, promotion, purchase, sale of domains and Internet pages, as well as the provision of services related to websites and all kinds of applications for smart devices.
  • Provide digitization services and treatment of audio-visual materials, as well as production of publications in digital format, with information technology content.
  • Updating and management of all kinds of content and digital media such as dynamic websites, educational and promotional multimedia; as well as data processing and network administration.
  1. Performance of outsourcing services of activities related to any profession, trade, speciality or human activity, to all kinds of natural or legal persons that require it.

In addition, if you do not state otherwise, Khibrad Recruitment Agency will process your Personal Data for the following secondary purposes:

Contact you for any issue related to our services or this Privacy Notice. Carry out promotions and advertising regarding Khibrad Recruitment Agency products and services. The attention and processing of requests, the administration of collection activities, clarification, investigation and billing of charges related to our clients, partners and users or third parties that request our services. Carry out consultations, investigations and reviews necessary for the provision of our services to its users and in relation to their complaints or requests. Comply with the obligations derived from any legal relationship that is generated between Khibrad Recruitment Agency and you for the provision of our services that we offer for compliance with laws, regulations and applicable legal and legal provisions.

  1. Treatment of Personal Data

Data can be collected through the Khibrad Recruitment Agency website and any application or document uploaded to our related digital platforms as well as applications, interviews, communications by any telematic means and documents provided by the recipients of our services, documents Products of the follow-up of the cases and the other written and electronic means, direct or indirect, that are provided for the provision of the services that are required by Khibrad Recruitment Agency at the request of the recipients of its services, is under safeguard, protection and responsibility. of Khibrad Recruitment Agency.

This Personal Data may include all or some of the following:

Identification data: Full name, address, gender, email, home and work telephone numbers, cell phone number, Federal Taxpayer Registry, place and date of birth, age, etc.

Labour data: Occupation, name of the company, institution or dependency, position, area or department, address, telephone number, work email, labour references and personal references, line of business of the company, institution or dependency.

Financial Data: bank account number, credit card number, expiration date, as well as the security number of the same that you use to acquire any of our services, by providing these data you acknowledge that you are giving us your express consent for the processing of this data.

Sensitive Data: sensitive personal data is understood as: “Personal data that affects the most intimate sphere of its owner, or whose improper use may give the origin of discrimination or entails a serious risk for it. In particular, those that may reveal aspects such as racial or ethnic origin, present and future health status, genetic information, religious, philosophical and moral beliefs, union affiliation, political opinions, sexual preference are considered sensitive.”

Khibrad Recruitment Agency will safeguard your personal data based on the principles of legality, quality, consent, information, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility enshrined in the Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties.
Khibrad Recruitment Agency takes the protection of your privacy and personal data very seriously. Therefore, your personal information is kept secure and treated with the utmost care. Khibrad Recruitment Agency undertakes that the personal data requested will be strictly necessary to carry out the requested service and to be able to carry out its own functions. You will be informed, if applicable, of the obligation to provide certain data, without which it would not be possible to provide the service and carry out the Khibrad Recruitment Agency purposes.

You are informed that your personal data, contact data and other information that may be considered pertinent may be included in a file and used to send you communications related to Khibrad Recruitment Agency services by letter, telephone, email, SMS/MMS, or by other equivalent electronic means of communication; understood as part of the purpose of the service offered.

Your consent may be given verbally, in writing, by electronic, optical or any other technology, or by unequivocal signs. It will be understood that the owner tacitly consents to the processing of their data through the continuous use of our services and internet sites; and when the privacy notice has been made available to you, you do not express opposition to it.


  1. – Obligatory or Optional Character of the Information Provided by the User and Accuracy of the Data

You as a user are responsible for the veracity of the personal data, as well as any other information provided to Khibrad Recruitment Agency. Likewise, it will be responsible in any case for the veracity of the data provided, reserving Khibrad Recruitment Agency the right to exclude from providing its services to anyone who has provided false data, without prejudice to the other actions that proceed according to Law, and without any responsibility by Khibrad Recruitment Agency when transmitting said false data to third parties.

It is recommended that you exercise the utmost diligence to PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL DATA through the use of security tools for your computer and communication equipment when sharing or storing personal and sensitive information through the digital network known as the Internet; not being able to hold Khibrad Recruitment Agency responsible for the theft, modification, loss of illicit data, or for security failures on its part.

  1. Registration through Accounts of other Providers

In the event that you send information to Khibrad Recruitment Agency from accounts, you may have with other service providers, such as “social networking services” or third-party accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google or any another, said functionality may link your Khibrad Recruitment Agency account with third-party accounts, in two ways:

1) Providing Khibrad Recruitment Agency with access information to your third-party account through the page, the service or the application;
2) Allowing Khibrad Recruitment Agency access to your third-party account, as permitted by the terms and conditions that regulate the use of each third-party account.

You have the right to transmit your third-party account information and/or grant Khibrad Recruitment Agency access to your third-party account without breaching the terms and conditions governing the use of the third-party account and without obligating Khibrad Recruitment Agency to pay any fees or impose our usage limitations imposed by the applicable social networking service.

In the event that this registration in Khibrad Recruitment Agency can occur from third-party accounts through our page or application, we will obtain the personal information that you have consented to deliver to the corresponding social network service (such as your real name, email, photo of the profile, names of friends from the applicable social networking service, the names of social networking service groups to which you belong, other information you make publicly available through such social networking service and/or other information to which Khibrad Recruitment Agency has been authorized to make available through the authorization to the social network service to provide said information) of its third-party accounts and use the said information to provide the Khibrad Recruitment Agency services.

Depending on the third-party accounts chosen by you (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn, Gmail or any other) and depending on the privacy options that you have configured in said third-party accounts, you understand that by granting access that you give us to third party accounts we will access, make available and save (if possible and as permitted by the social networking service) the information in your third party accounts in a way that is available on and through the services of Khibrad Recruitment Agency. If there is information about your friends or people with whom you associate in your third-party account, the information we obtain from them may also depend on the privacy settings that those people have established with the social networking service.

The Khibrad Recruitment Agency Website as well as the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages may contain links to the websites of third-party companies and entities. Khibrad Recruitment Agency cannot be held responsible for the way in which these companies treat the protection of privacy and personal data, so we advise you to carefully read the privacy notices of these web pages that are not owned by Khibrad Recruitment Agency in relation to the use, processing and protection of personal data. The conditions offered by these web pages may not be the same as those offered by Khibrad Recruitment Agency.

  1. Revocation of Consent to the Processing of Personal Data

At all times you must notify reliably and in writing the notices of revocation of consent for the processing of your personal data in order to suspend the use of said data from the Khibrad Recruitment Agency databases. The lack of these notices releases Khibrad Recruitment Agency from all liability. Once Khibrad Recruitment Agency has been notified of the revocation of data handling, it will keep in its possession the data it deems pertinent for the achievement of its purposes, eliminating the data and all related information that it does not deem necessary within a maximum period of twenty business days, always and when said information has not already been used and/or transmitted prior to the notice date.

  1. Procedure to Exercise the Right of Access, Rectification, Cancellation or Opposition of Your Personal Data

The owner of the Personal Data, by himself or through a legal representative, having to identify himself or herself correctly, may exercise their rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition, as well as revoke their consent by calling the telephone number + 252 (0) 619521729, or sending an e-mail to clearly and precisely describing the personal data with respect to which you seek to exercise any of these Rights. It is important to note that in the call to exercise your rights you must provide an email address and telephone number so that we can notify you of the response to your request or be able to contact you if we require additional information in relation to your request.

Likewise, you must send us a copy of your official identification to prove your identity. Finally, we inform you that you will be answered within a maximum period of 08 (eight) business days, counted from the date on which you meet all the requirements established in the request for access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, if appropriate, it will be effective within 08 (eight) business days following the date on which the response is communicated.

  1. Transfer of Personal Data

You authorize Khibrad Recruitment Agency to transfer Personal Data Held by Private Parties. The information collected, registered, received, captured and/or stored will be concentrated for documentation, achievement of services and the purposes of Khibrad Recruitment Agency before the various national and international instances. In addition, the said information may be used for monitoring and attention to the services provided, as well as being shared with advertising agencies and other users of our services for the purpose of adequately providing our services and sending you proposals that may be of interest to you.

  1. Security Measures

Khibrad Recruitment Agency guarantees that it has and maintains all administrative, technical and physical security measures that seek to protect personal data against damage, loss, alteration, destruction or use, access or treatment Not authorized. Likewise, it guarantees that it will not adopt security measures that are less than those that it maintains for the handling of your information. However, you are informed that there are many risks both in the physical handling of the database and on the Internet that may be beyond the control of Khibrad Recruitment Agency and that in those cases it will not be responsible for a breach that is made of its databases. of data, since the risks to the security of physical data, as well as on the Internet, are not impregnable.

Likewise, you are informed that, in the achievement of acts of negotiation, follow-up of legal actions, diplomas, workshops, “The annual report of Khibrad Recruitment Agency”, search for better conditions for workers in Somalia. The data information and information provided by you may be leaked by third parties with whom the information is shared. Khibrad Recruitment Agency undertakes to comply with the duty of secrecy and confidentiality regarding the personal data contained in its databases in accordance with the applicable legislation, as well as to grant them safe treatment in the transfers that, where appropriate, may occur.

  1. Modification of the Privacy Notice

Khibrad Recruitment Agency reserves the right to modify at any time, this Privacy Notice, which will be made known to you in writing through the means of notification established between Khibrad Recruitment Agency and you, which may be by regular mail, by email or by the means of contact that you provide. You will be informed of the Privacy Notice when you contact Khibrad Recruitment Agency, either in person, by telephone, by SMS/MMS, by email, on the Khibrad Recruitment Agency Website or by the means of contact that have been established with Khibrad Recruitment Agency. So, we will not be responsible in the event that you do not receive the aforementioned notification of the change in the Privacy Notice if there is a problem with your email, telephone or Internet data transmission account. However, for your security, the current Privacy Notice will be available at all times on the website

Any notice, question or notification related to this privacy notice must be sent to Khibrad Recruitment Agency through the account or by letter addressed to Khibrad Recruitment Agency via email.

Once said changes to the privacy notice have been notified without opposition being expressed, it will be understood that the modifications to this notice have been tacitly consented to.