About Us

Khibrad Recruitment Agency (KhRA) is the first and the only Somali job gate in all Somali regions, providing complete and contemporary employment solutions – creating a platform where employers in all Somali regions can hire employees everywhere in the world and where the employees can find their dream jobs.

Khibrad Recruitment Agency believes that every company has different needs and our intention is to add value to your business. We source quality labour force by conducting thorough background check (secure and supportive), thereby ensuring our clients get fully qualified candidates.

The name ‘KHIBRAD’ is a Somali word that means when translated into English language ‘experience and expertise’. Therefore, Khibrad Recruitment Agency is committed to bring experienced and expert skilled labour force into your company or organization.

Job seekers benefit from our free job advice services including employability skills training and connecting them to their jobs of specialization and choice.

Our Vision Is :

To have Somali job recruitment system that is based on personal merit, skills, experience and expertise rather than clan affiliations and nepotism.

Our Mission Is :

To fill the employment inequality gap in all Somali regions by providing skilled and qualified employees and facilitating equal opportunities to all candidates basing on their qualifications, skills, experience and competence.

Our Aim Is :

To align the BEST jobseekers with the available job opportunities by matching their knowledge, talents, skills, experience and competence with specific job requirements.

Our Slogan Is :

Experience and Expertise with the attitude and mind-set for EXCELLENCE at workplace.